ICARE IN SITU is an adaptation of the myth of Icarus from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
It’s a multimedia sculptural transcription of this myth, by Thomas Sillard.

The Icarus story as an allegory of the various struggles that we must take to survive. How an utopia born a concrete form, the stubborn pursuit of a fixed idea, the realization of a dream, euphoria blinding.
This is a kinetic work, plastic, digital and interactive, a dive into the myth, an inner journey, leaving the discovery experience.
3 concepts, 3 installation : the labyrinth, the flight, and the fall
2 mode : strolling, performance

it was presented during the european days patrimoine 2012 september 15&16 at Alloue (16) in FRANCE

How did this project use Max?

max was used for the video mapping during the night, and to play electromagnets
- Array Patch for the video mapping
- Threshold Patch with piezo sensor signal to trigge the video mapping
-Player Patch to play electromagnets manually or randomly
(-Geoloc Patch to find localization XY user from XBEE) in development

M4L patcher to mix and manipulate the sound from Piezo

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