« … the basis of existence comprises three elements: this, the
impediment and that. » — D. Harms

Impediment is an interactive installation that explores nonverbal communication process of the whole thing’s creation. Deep problems of human’s misunderstanding. We don’t know how another person perceive and goes through the space, time and existence.

By collective interaction with sound boxes people try to establish an interconnection and find a harmony between actions. Their efforts visualized on the screen in the form of some fictional world and coherence of participant’s actions allows to build a structured picture.

Alexander Lavrischev (, – soundboxes.
Alexei Oleynikov ( — programming.
Evgeniy Chernyy ( — programming.

All interaction logic and music generation were made with Max/MSP. Max also controls a Processing sketch.

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Jun 05 2012 | 11:24 am

very nice!

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