“Intangible States” – Audiovisual performance by Stray Dogs/Legoman

“Intangible States” evokes the world of the urban nomad ; always in transit, everything seems a series of dream-like states in which memories, the real and the imaginary collide.

Torn from his roots, he’s forced to create a temporary home wherever he finds himself, to give his past a place to live in. Through this constant reconstruction of memories, his real past becomes ever more elusive and distorted by the imaginary. Sonic landscapes, shifts in light and images seem to appear from nowhere, only to disappear again before their meaning becomes clear.

Credits :

  • Stray Dogs (Frederik Meulyzer & Koenraad Ecker) : music
  • Legoman (Yannick Yacquet) : visuals, lighting, scenography
  • Simon Geilfus : creative coding
  • Production : kc nOna, De Pianofabriek
  • In collaboration with : Vooruit, STUK, Scheld’apen

* Interaction visuals - audio
* Interaction between both musicians onstage
* Koenraad's setup is a combination of max5 and Ableton

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