An intermedial artwork inspired by Brian Eno’s ambient work ‘Music For Airports (1978) and Marc Auge’s ‘Non-Places’ (1995). The work explores a digital non place between the digital and haptic senses in which the user can control an antique globe to explore a cold contrast between the virtual reality of Google Earth and the actual reality of the installation space. The movement of the globe controls both the sound and visuals using custom software and electronics.

How did this project use Max?

The whole work is built in Max using a number of hacks, Google earth footage mixed with the auvi objects and the accelerometer data from the globe is scaled to modes similar to those in some of Eno's 'music for airports' tracks. The visuals are then split into an 3 screen enveloping environment, via a matrox tripplehead2go, with each screen containing four different layers of touch responsive video.

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