J74 Max for Live plugins for Ableton Live

A set of tools for sequencing, harmonization, network I/O and network collaboration. Some of these tools are available as free downloads (so, just grab them), others are commercially sold, but always at a bargain price.

You can find them all here:

For an idea of what you can do with them, have a look to this video

Fully developed using Max. Devices are Max for Live plugins and (where applicable) Max standalones (for Mac OS and Windows OS) .
Original Max patches are also inlcuded.

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May 03 2015 | 8:28 am

I simply wanted to share my amazement and gratitude towards Fabrizio for the outstanding set of tools he has – unbelievably – and kindly made available for us at zero cost. ( HarmoTools ). For what I do with M4L they are an invaluable asset, what an extraordinary person you are. Off to make a donation at your website. Thanks so very much.

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