Jamoma is an international and open-source project defined as a platform for interactive art-based research and performance. The project is led by an international team of academic researchers, artists and developers, and supported by several institutions.


Originally envisioned as a set of recommendations for the development of standardized Max/MSP patches and their implementation, Jamoma now provides developers with a number of c++ frameworks dedicated to the programming of low-level communication system (Jamoma Foundation), signal processing (Jamoma DSP), synchrone and asynchrone graphs (Jamoma Audio Graph, Jamoma Graph) in various environment (Max, PureData, AudioUnit, Ruby) and OS (OSX, Windows, iOS).

As of today, Jamoma Modular is the biggest implementation of the various Jamoma frameworks.  As a fully fledged toolbox for Max environment, it offers its users

  1. More than 100 high level powerful modules for audio, video, and data processing, for efficient prototyping of complex applications be it for artistic projects, for teaching Max or signal processing in general
  2. A set of more than 160 externals, abstractions and utilities to ease the development of structured Max patchs
  3. A set of generic cross-module functionalities such as cue management, preset management and mapping, for use in various composition and performance contexts
  4. High end modules and externals dedicated to multichannel signal processing
  5. A growing number of modules shared by users from the Jamoma community, such as ViMiC, Holophon, ag.granular.suite, JamomaGDIF, Z



Stable and beta installers for OSX and Windows are available on Jamoma download page.

You may also check out Jamoma source code at Github



Jamoma is a community-driven project. Join Jamoma users thru your favorite social network

  1. Facebook page
  2. Jamoma users and developpers mailing list/forum
  3. Twitter
  4. Vimeo channel
  5. Linkedin
  6. ohloh



It has been internationally supported by the following universities, artistic institutions, and commercial partners:

  1. BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, Norway
  2. The Municipality of Bergen, Norway
  3. Electrotap, USA
  4. 74’ Objects, USA
  5. GMEA – Centre National de Création Musicale d’Albi-Tarn, France
  6. Interactive Media Art Laboratory Brussels, Belgium
  7. McGill University, Canada
  8. Canada Council for the Arts (CCA)
  9. University of Oslo, Norway
  10. didascalie.net, France
  11. US-Norway Fulbright Foundation, Norway

If you wish to support Jamoma, feel free to do so by visiting Jamoma pledgie page.

Max is used both as a prototyping tool for the various features of Jamoma c++ frameworks and for their implementation as a rich set of externals and abstractions.

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