Junction: Taxi Cabs Generate a Soundtrack in Real-Time

Junction is a sound sculpture generated in real-time by thousands of New York City taxi cabs. Through the use of publicly available live footage from New York’s Traffic Management Center, Junction tracks the movements of taxis in some of the city’s busiest intersections. It uses their position, velocity and overall density to synthesize sounds.

How did this project use Max?

Junction is powered by Cycling 74's Max and Jitter. It also uses cv.jit externals by Jean-Marc Pelletier for analysis. Data from Max are sent to a Kyma system for realtime synthesis based on dynamic event variables. Some of the variables that are sent to Kyma include Taxi Index-n, Taxi-n x_position, Taxi-n y_position, overall taxi density, Taxi-n velocity. I gathered all of the HTML and JavaScript from the Traffic Management Center's website and compiled the grid as an HTML table. Max/Jitter analyze the grid from a browser.

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