Kadâmbini, audiovisual and cinema show

A club placed there, in the middle of nowhere. Kadâmbini, handlebar mustache and aviator glasses screwed on his head, is ready for the most incredible journey of his life : a journey mode of nonsense, absurdity and manipulation, built of loops, lights and reversed situations.

Kadâmbini is an audio-video show, a meeting between the art of the stage and the digital technologies. The show combines upstream videos and animations, edited and sound designed on-stage. The stage play –manipulation of frames, objects or sounds, but also mapping, video FX and shooting – interacts with the movie projected on the screen, so that one can not exist without the other and vice-versa. We forget the computer and acting finds an important place on stage and on the screen.

Kadâmbini has been nominated to the Paris Young Talents Price 2011.

Kadâmbini, an audiovisual and cinema show by iduun
Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff, Philippe Chaurand, Charles Dubois, Alexandra Petracchi

  • With Augustin Jacob and Alexandra Petracchi
  • Director and cinematography: Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff
  • Character design: Alexandra Petracchi
  • Animation director, layout and animation: Philippe Chaurand
  • Sound design: Charles Dubois
  • Costume design: Eve de Villers assisted by Adeline Vengud
  • Interaction design: Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff and Philippe Chaurand
  • Scenography: iduun
  • Production: iduun
  • Booking: Avoka

Max is used to control video, sound and lights in real time, in interaction with the stage and other softwares (Ableton Live, Millumin) and the Monome.

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