Kecapi II

Kecapi II (2013) is the continuation of Kecapi I (2012), where on this continuation I tried to escape/avoid from common compositional structure, proportion, development, and started to think in an “ARTISTIC LEVEL” by adopted artistic thought of visual artist toward sound which sound projecting/exhibition (not a time based) into Kecapi II

in a fact I’m still composing a music (time based) even in this music I did exact calculation on Max/Msp patch to determine exact timing structure which 7 minute or 420 seconds, each transition of sounds are divided by 10 seconds that means every 10 seconds there will be a sound characteristic changes, as well as applied on quadraphonic panning system which is speed of sounds movement are decreasing slow to from 11ms to 5000ms/second in 420 seconds.

but, what am I control on each 10 seconds are totally “RANDOM”, also every time this music performed live as a real-time/live composition it will always sounds different (in sense of structure) but, still at same exact structure that I managed in Max/Msp patch.

NB : Kecapi II can be perform as real time processing music or acousmatic/tape music by playing prerecorded audio file called “Kecapi II_Quadraphonic.aif”

How did this project use Max?

I used max to make random granular generator, and algorithm structor for the music.

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