Kennedy Day School Launchpad Applications

In the Spring semester of 2011 at Berklee College of Music, I completed an undergraduate thesis project for the Electronic Production & Design major that was built entirely in Max/MSP 5. The project was part of an inter-departmental effort between EP&D and the Music Therapy major.

The objective of the affair was to quickly develop a powerful toolset of musical devices that employed inexpensive, durable peripherals and minimal setup which would empower the practicing therapist to have more informative sessions that connect even deeper with their subjects, all the while capturing metrics in order to better substantiate the literature of Music Therapy as a practice.

My contribution was essentially an environment of four smaller applications, each of which revolved around the idea of using the Novation Launchpad as a grid of subdivided, large, colored buttons that emulated various easy-to-understand musical toys.

The entire application is a Max/MSP 5 standalone. The only external dependency is the driver for the Novation Launchpad, and obviously a USB cable and the Launchpad itself.

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