Kflux, Max For Live granulator device

Kflux is a Max For Live device for granulation of sound.
It’s very easy to use : it has a friendly user interface and detailed descriptions for each function/parameter.
Kflux works like a sampler : just put in your audio sample and let the granulation begins!!

Kflux can produce a wide range of sound results : streams of grains, massive granular clouds, complexe textures, walls of noise, etc…


– clear, friendly user interface
– simple to use

– built-in quickstart guide

– lightweight performance 

– fully automatable

– transpose functions 

– multimode filter

– three grains generation modes (static time, sequencer, MIDI trigger)

more details here

take a look here for more videos and examples (more tutorials are coming)

feel free to contact me for any comments, suggestions, ideas ;)

made in Max For Live ;)

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