Le Code

Le Code is an audio-visual installation, a painting in constant evolution.

Le Code started as a live audio-visual performance with musician Laurent Lavolé.

Le Code is programed as a visual instrument, allowing live play through keyboard shortcuts, midi controller and direct action on the software.

The graphics are generated live and are influenced simultaneously by two factors:

  • a “mechanical”, automatic one: the computer program reacting to the music.
  • a human, sensitive one: live play.

The project is now to create a computer operated version, replacing L.Lavolé and Y.Trellu by a computer.

It is a work on using the computer not only as a tool but as an artistic collaborator.

This patch is the “generative” sound part, it is intended to work with field recordings samples.

How did this project use Max?

Based on / made with max/msp/jitter

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