Light Saber Simulator

This is a light saber simulator that I made for a music tech class at my school. This uses a program called synapse to get data from the Kinect, which then is sent to Max. I then designed a patch that uses the data from the left hand to trigger noises. When you move the left hand it makes light saber noises. You need to manually load the audio files, because I have not used a load bang object.
To make sure max does not crash, open the patch that receives data from the Kinect, before the Kinect is plugged in. Then plug in the Kinect,and then open synapse. When closing the patch, close the patch, quit synapse, then unplug the Kinect; otherwise Max might crash and create problems with the patch. I have included a how to video in case you need it, hope you enjoy it. FYI: I have not included the CNMAT folder, as you do not need it.


Max receives data from synapse, unpacks the data, and sends it to a patch containing sound files. The second patch receives the unpacked data(x,y,z) and contains the sound files, which are triggered by the movement of the left hand once the limit of motion is reached.

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