M4cchina ensemble – Local Landscapes

Never mind the labels or categories. Neither the styles or genres. Just interested in how it sounds, and we see our real environment, how we everyday live, and how the moment is committed.
Local Landscapes is a visual and sound creation in real time in which the various visual elements, music, video and lights are driven simultaneously and interrelated from the intuitive instinct of the M4cchina ensemble artists.
M4cchina is an ensemble formed by four interdisciplinary artists, well-known career in the fields of music and visual experimentation and musicological research.

Pere Vicalet, the youngest of the group, is a digital artist, composer and conductor with extensive experience in electronic music and interdisciplinary research. Josep Lluís Galiana, saxophonist, composer and improviser of international recognition, he has shared the stage and recorded with important figures in free improvised music. Carlos D. Perales, composer, pianist and Doctor from the University of Valencia, has won numerous international awards in the fields of electroacoustic composition, sound research and human/computer interaction. Gregorio Jiménez, professor of electro-acoustic composition and founder of the Laboratory of Electroacoustic the Conservatory of Valencia, is one of the leading specialists in Spain about live-electronics and sensors.

For this project, Max MSP was used to connect all the sounds, the sensors and the electronic devices for performing in live interacting between them. There are computers processing sound from the piano, saxophones or the data from the sensors. Then, they are interrelated for creating new sounds, video, images and the lights. All is programmed with Max MSP Jitter, and also Max for Live, and Jitter in Max for Live.

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