M4L Bulbs Pack

M4L Bulbs Pack is max4live pack of five plugins that work inside Ableton Live. They are designed to provide the quick creation of interesting sounds using a technique called spectral processing. Sound is treated like a video stream, processed, and then turned back into audio.

Spectral Filter is used for filtering incoming audio. Use sliders for adjusting the sound. “Reset” sets them all back to default position & the sound passes unchanged, and “Zero” mutes all of them, enabling you to easily choose ones you want to use.

Distancer, Slider and Slower are easiest to use. Put them in a track, chose length of the buffer (1n – 4n), and hit “Record”. This will continuously analyze the sound and apply the effect. You can modify sound using left dial (“Distance”, “Slide” and “Speed”). The “Stop” button in Slower plugin is used for instant audio stopping. When you hit it, the plugin stops recording, and speed is set to 0.00 creating instant drones.

Convolver is a plugin used for convolution – modeling one sound using another. After putting it in a track you should select the length of the buffer (1n – 8n). Then select “Buffer” and record incoming audio using “Record” or drop a sound on top of the “Drop Something Here!” field. After you’re done, you should select “Convolve” function (below “Buffer”), and play a different sound inside the track.

All plugins are editable, but I can’t help you with any problems if you changed anything. Be sure to go back to default versions before contacting me!

Bulid entirely in max4live.

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