Mail-in survey recording and analysis

This is a patch I created to deal with a survey we did at our company. We had 137 paper surveys mailed in, each with 47 answers each to record and analyze, luckily the answers consisted of multiple choices, dates and amounts of time, allowing me to use a matrixctrl as my main interface, storing all the data in a coll, with several functions for rapid entry and 1-click analysis of all answers
– keyboard shortcuts for inputting answers, all included in the numpad so one hand is free to deal with paper surveys
– delete all answers after a certain question (acts as an undo)
– deletion of entries
– navigate to and recall any survey previously entered
– customize possible number of questions and answers, for possible use with future surveys
– subpatch with separate matrix for inputting and recording amount of possible choices for each question

Analysis performed:
– amount of times each possible answer was answered
– how many times people who answered something in one question answered something in another question
– float averages of amounts of time answered

Used Max from start to finish

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