Digital Audio Patch-Bay for Mac OS X
Simple and powerful control of your audio workflow

MATRIK features a powerful matrix interface that allows you to internally route all audio inputs and outputs in your system (*). Any input can be routed to one or more outputs.
(*) max. 8 inputs and 8 outputs

Easily identify inputs and outputs with your own tags, just as if you would use tape and a marker in a hardware patch-bay.

Settings are a snap, you’ll be working with MATRIK in a matter of seconds. Works great with physical as well as virtual ports.

Working with MATRIK

Using the matrix is very simple and intuitive: a blue glowing pin indicates one routed connection and each input (in columns) can be routed to one or more outputs (in rows).
To create a connection, simply click on an empty pinhole. Clicking on a connected pin will clear the connection. The “Clear Matrix” button will remove all connections. To allow audio into the circuit use the “Power” button.

Locking the MATRIK

The Lock toggle lets you disable all buttons and controls, avoiding possible unwanted modifications. For extra safety, the default behavior of the Lock toggle is to turn itself on when powering on the MATRIK, although you can always turn it back off to make changes while the audio is running.

Tagging the MATRIK

Inputs and outputs can be tagged by simply clicking on the label and typing on the input field. If at any point you want to have all inputs and outputs showing the default label numbering, use the “Reset” button. Remember to turn off the lock control to modify these tags.

Setting up the MATRIK

Settings are straight forward: in the “Settings” view, use the drop-down menus to select your driver, input and output devices. Notice that changing any of these settings will clear out all your matrix connections and tags. You can change these settings at any time, even when audio is passing through the circuit (power on) although we recommend you to turn the power off before modifying them.
MATRIK works great with virtual ports such as SoundFlower, allowing you to internally route audio in many ways between your favorite audio applications.

Check our website to know more about MATRIK.

The whole app was made with Max6

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