Max MSP Book Vol. 2 (Italian version)

Teoria e Pratica con Max MSP, Volume 2
di Alessandro CIpriani e Maurizio Giri
Prefazione di David Zicarelli
680 pages

This is the second volume of our Max MSP book. The Italian version is available now, the English version will be available later next year (hopefully).


– Audio digitale e suoni campionati (Digital audio and sampled sound)
– Gestione del tempo, polifonia, attributi e argomenti (Time, polyphony, attributes and arguments)
– Linee di ritardo (Delay lines)
– Processori di dinamica (Dynamics processors)
– Preset, pattrstorage, bpatchers
– L’arte dell’organizzazione del suono (The art of sound organization)
– MIDI e polifonia in tempo reale (MIDI and real time polyphony)
– Max for Live

All the synthesis and sound processing techniques explained in the book are implemented in Max MSP.

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D Martin
Dec 29 2012 | 7:31 pm

English Please!!

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