Max MSP Book, Volume 2 – Electronic Music and Sound Design – English Version

Electronic Music and Sound Design
Theory and Practice with Max and MSP – Volume 2
by Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri (ENGLISH Version).
Publisher: ConTemponet

This is the second in a series of three volumes dedicated to digital synthesis and sound design. It is part of a teaching method incorporating a substantial amount of online supporting materials: hundreds of sound examples and interactive examples, programs written in Max, as well as a library of Max objects created especially for this book.
The book contains an extensive chapter about Max for Live.

Digital Audio and Sampled Sounds: decimation, blocks technique, slicing, scrubbing, timing and polyphony * Delay Lines: echoes, looping, flanger, chorus, comb and allpass filters, phaser, pitch shifting, reverse, variable delay, Karplus-Strong algorithm * Creative Uses of Dynamics Processors: envelope followers, compressors, limiters, live normalizers, expanders, gates, side chains, ducking * The Art of Organizing Sound: simple, complex and compound motion processes, motion within timbre, algorithmic control of motion, motion sequences * MIDI and Handling MIDI Messages in Max * Max for Live: audio effects, virtual instruments, MIDI effects, Live API and Live Object Model.

How did this project use Max?

The book is entirely based on Max MSP.

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