Microphone controlled multimedia performance “Bees”

This is a documentation of a new composition utilizing multimedia improvisation.

The microphone controls several video parameters in real-time. Acoustic volume controls fade in/out and edging effect, pitch controls the video head/current frame and the multiplier effect- all effects turned on and off with the midi FCB1010 pedal. All programming done through Max/Jitter with Ableton Live (Max4Live).

This is an original structured improvisation with several composed musical motives performed on Oboe and antique Clarinet with live sampling set up through Ableton. The featured video was taken outside my kitchen window when we first moved to Nashville. The bees love the Pussy Willow and swarm it every spring..

Live Taping April 18, 2011 gallery F @ Scarritt Bennett, Nashville TN

Microphone input controls the video through Max For Live with Jitter. I use acoustic volume to control fades and edging effects and I use pitch to control the video head and also the multiplier effect. All of these controls are turned on and off via a midi foot pedal.

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