MIND MUSIC is a performance, where an artist play through an EEG-headset (Emotiv-EPOC), software-instruments.
He controls the sounds and visuals only with his thoughts-feelings-expressive values with the EEG-headset.
MIND MUSIC have 9 software-instruments. The artist elect this instruments and play melodies and rhythm. He loop some melodies.
The feeling control volume, the note length, the beat in the background and change the color between orange and blue.

control parameter:
though: control the pitch of the sound and move the visualisation forward-backward-up-down.

emotions: control the volume, duration of the notes, color of the visualisation
– orange color show, that the artist is excited, so all sounds get louder and the drumgroove faster.
– blue color show that the artist is relax, so all sounds get soft, the drumgroove became slower

expressive face values: trigger the the elected pitch and start record a loop.

The Idea is, to play music only with though, feelings and expression values.

MIND MUSIC is written in Max/MSP.

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