Mixer is a controller that places Ableton Live’s “Mixer” into Liine Lemur for the iPad. The MaxForLive device runs concurrently with a Lemur template. This allows the template to automatically set itself to any project, and it makes it completely dynamic to any changes that happen inside the DAW. Data communication is accomplished with CNMAT’s Open Sound Control protocol.

Please note that this is an ongoing project, and it will remain in beta indefinitely.


Full control of all buttons, pots, and faders in each channel and Master channel (Shift-Arm and Shift-Solo engage Exclusive Arm / Solo)

Visual feedback of track state, whether it’s muted, listening, a group track, or a MIDI track

Audio level and MIDI velocity Meters

Selectable Send from selector on top right

Routing from any channel to any channel. Due to a menu limitation of 32 items, a selector has been placed on the top right to “scroll” to the next set of items in the menu objects

Full Transport control and Time Marker (Stop is Shift-Play)

Track Follow selects a track in the DAW when the volume fader is touched or when a track is solo’d

Global Togglers at the bottom of the screen include – Shift button, Track Follow On/Off, Key display of Toggler-names On/Off, Routes Show/Hide, Choice of display between Master, Send Selector, or Route Selector

Project Download

MAX was used to create the MaxForLive device needed to interface Live with Lemur.

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