Modular Synthesizer for AudioCubes

We’re working on a modular synthesizer for AudioCubes in Max/Msp. The patch works with 8 cubes, and we’re using 2 sides of every cube as input and the 2 other sides as output. To remember which side is the input, and which one is the output we attached a sticker on the top of every cube. The black lines of the sticker indicate the output.
Every cube represents a synthesizer module and are color coded:

* sine oscillators (green)
* state variable filter (yellow)
* white noise (blue)
* envelope generator (purple)
* ring modulator (orange)
* main speaker output (red)

How did this project use Max?

Patch was made in Max/Msp. The patch was built using the flext external for Percussa AudioCubes developed by Thomas Grill.

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