Monome-oriented video mixing “framework” for Max/Jitter.Originally started working off of Andrew Benson’s tutorial and then just kept learning, adding, and expanding.

It’s been used multiple times in performances, video installations, and projects. Though I currently VJ out of VDMX, I recoded the control system from this as an OSC layer for the same, which I’ll share at a later date (once it’s less buggy).

Please feel free to use any code in this. Much of the functionality has been replaced by Cycling 74’s release of Vizzie, and it’s designed around the use of a grid based controlled (in my case the monome), but maybe it’ll be useful to someone.:


I learned from a _lot_ of people working on this project. There are comments and citations throughout my code, but Andrew Benson ( ) and Anton Marini ( ) were the main guys, and I can’t think either of them enough.

Video mixer built entirely in max/jitter, used in multiple performances, audio/visual installations, and projects.

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Nov 24 2011 | 3:04 pm

Is this project still available?

Nov 24 2011 | 3:32 pm

Yep, I’ve actually done a writeup for it here.

The source is all on github, please feel free to use any of it.

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