moovmi is a free Max For Live MIDI effect that produces midinote sequences from video data analysis. It works with both video files and webcam as sources.

moovmi reduces the video source to a low-res grid, where each cell generates midinotes in a predefined interval and pitch, and velocity is determined by the luminance of the cell.

moovmi can be used for :

– semi-random drum pattern generation
– experimental melodies and chords
– sonification of video installations (using the fullscreen feature)

moovmi is very easy to use: just select a video source and midinote sequences will start immediately!

The user can influence the midi sequences by processing the source with video parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, threshold, colors feedback, etc…

No external objects are used in moovmi.

We just updated moovmi with a new user interface and a Live 9 compatible pack. Check out the quick video to take a look to the new UI, then find more detailed videos in the product page.

All done using Max For Live

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