mpEchoChord is a tool designed to facilitate the creation and interpretation of harmonies. It is a midi effect created in MaxforLive, which combines two of the devices included in the lessons of Ableton Live ( and with some interesting parameters and elements added.

Allows you to generate up to 4-voice chords, you can enable or disable with the switches M (Mute) to the output of each voice.

This device has 2 modes:
- CHORD: assemble a chord from each incoming note.
- ECHOCHORD : assemble a chord from each incoming note but with some delay, by way of reply.

TRANSP 1,2,3,4: select each interval in semitones to generate the chord root. Save it in the Presets box (shift + click) where you can store up to 36 chords. At the top of Transp have a menu where you can select the chord inversion. Both the Presets box and the menu Inversion have switches R (random) generating random changes.

OCTAVE: shift all notes up or down in octaves.

SPREAD: spreads the notes over you keyboard in semitones (pitch 1&2 down, pitch 3&4 up).

DELAY: delay the output of the chord. In mode Sync is inactive.

DURATION: determine the duration of all notes.

VOLCHORD determine the chord volume.

ALL NOTES OFF: stop all held notes.

SYNC/TIME: adjust the delay time to the song tempo. Select Time for manual adjustment is more suitable for solo performances.

PITCH SCALE: select a tonic and a mode for a functional harmony.

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[ Max MIDI Effect ] Written in Ableton Live v8.2.1 - Max v5.1.4

February 20, 2013 | 3:18 pm

that looks quite cool! have you a FB page?

February 20, 2013 | 6:28 pm

Thank you, shokol8. Here I am

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