MSP. Meyer. Schulze. Purkrabek.

MSP was a collaborative art-project that attempted to connect sound and light by focusing on their basic properties — waves traveling through space. Founded at the end of 2005, the group included the three members Florian Meyer, Phillip Schulze and Armin Purkrabek.

Developing different acoustic irradiation and illumination concepts in the form of club- / concert-, installation-, or performance-situations, and accordingly mixtures of those, always created specifically for each environment. MSP was interested in trying to find new strategies in integrating / disintegrating, connecting / disconnecting audience and performer by creating uncertain performance situations.

Raw audio feedback, shaped by the performance space itself (resonance / reverb / people), was the basis material for the emerging music. Through processing and deconstructing this material in real-time, using different more or less complex feeback and filter systems via self programmed software / hardware on the one hand and light controlled by the music through audio analysis on the other, MSP created intense roomfilling atmospheres.

Max was used for sound processing & analyzing, as well as controlling the lights respectively light-dimmers.

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