Tripartite Markovia

Tripartite Markovia is an interactive/generative music system developed in Max designed for use by a solo performer. The computer listens to the performance of the improviser through a monophonic MIDI input, and groups streams of performance data into musical events such as notes, dynamics, rhythms, articulations, rubato and silences. Three virtual players crudely model the instrumental performance by gathering this performance data into collections of transition probability tables, which the system then makes use of to create Markov chains to generate new and varied material. It’s a quirky way of creating a coherent yet surprising dialogue with the computer.

Standalone app and Max source code available

Download at

The system was built entirely in Max with all native objects.

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Feb 15 2011 | 1:33 am

Wonderful music with a kind of "french post impressionism touch".
It would be great to see what’ s inside the patch !

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