New Delhi Audiograph

New Delhi Audiograph

An interactive, audiovisual installation by Paweł Janicki, the work treats some elements of the Hindi language as a structural foundation of a musical composition. New Delhi Audiograph uses a motion tracking system that enables the audience to interact with the piece. By various moves and gestures, the interactor can modulate and control various parameters of the music and image generated by the installation.

All audio recordings were collected for the installation during the artist’s sonic exploration of New Delhi. As reflected in the early days of his stay in the city, Janicki comments: “The alien’s stay accumulated words and sounds – obscured and mysterious, but evoking fascination…”

The installation was created during the Auditions Sound Residency programme at KHŌJ International Artists’ Association (New Delhi, India) curated by Charu Maithani.

How did this project use Max?

Max was used for sound processing (during preparations and as a sound engine for the project) and - in general - as a installation's "brain". I was also using Max as a "sketchbook" (I prepared several prototypes to let best ideas to emerge...) before I was starting work on final version of the project.

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