No Less than the Trees and the Stars-Triangles

Triangles is an excerpt from ‘No Less than the Trees and the Stars’ the culmination of an intensive three week research period which took place in Fumbally Court Studio and DanceHouse Ireland. It is a coming together of Dance, Choral and sonic elements; interacting with Audio/Visual instruments. This work was supported by an Arts Council of Ireland Bursary with interactive sound and vision by furry and is choreographed by Rebecca Reilly.


Dance Artist : Katherine O’ Malley
Cello : Leoba Petrie

MAX was used to enable all non human actions. The digital sounds heard are controlled by Katherine as she moves around the space. The parameters of arpeggiation are defined by the shape, position and quantity of movement. All visuals react to Katherine and Katherine reacts to the visual response, creating an interactive dialogue.

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