nwdlbots (pronounced noodlebots)

nwdlbots are a suite of generative music devices for Ableton Live. The various modules can create events, modify pitch, duration and velocity of notes and collate and control events as they occur around the Live Set. Several of these devices can be used in isolation as MIDI generators and effects but their real power is only revealed when used in combination to create nwdlbots – “little musicians” who choose what and when to play based on the events going on around them.

Robots who listen.

nwdlbots control the density of a piece by reducing their activity when things get too busy. They also have some rudimentary ideas about harmony and can follow a chord sequence.

A group of nwdlbots can be used together to make wholly generated pieces whose output varies each time the set is played or,  in combination with conventional MIDI clips or instruments, to add random textures to a recording or performance. They can even generate interesting and unusual solos.

I am principally building nwdlbots as tools for writing my own music but would like to share them with other composers. Some modules will soon available to  through sundaydance.co.uk  and the max for live website.

nwdlbots are written entirely in MAX and MAX for Live.

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