ODDular is a true modular synth for Max4Live.


It has everything what a “real-life” modular system has :

– 2 “analoge-like” VCOs,

– a VCDO (“voltage controlled” digital oscillator, with sample based cycle waveform samples),

– a Noise generator,

– dual VCA,

– ADSR and AD envelope generators,

– 2 filters, with (total) 5 different filter types

– a Sample & Hold module,

– a Slew limiter,

– an 8 step CV step sequencer,

– dual synced (to Live) LFOs, with 5 waveforms per module,

– a Geiger counter “emulator” (which generates random CV values in Geiger style),

– an analog like Ehco unit, with CV controllable Rate,

– a 4 channel mixer/attenuator

– an Outpu module


Anything could be connected to anything, just like in a real modular environment.

Endless possibilities…

The whole project was done in Max 6.

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May 22 2014 | 11:58 am

seems cool, alas the formatting of the page is not really unbugged !

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