“Open Book” NUI Image Viewer

“Open Book” is a gesture-controlled image viewing application and installation. The project was originally designed to accompany the book launch of “Modern Movement”, a collection of Photography stills showcasing prominent figures in Berlin’s early-millennium alternative music scene.

The application digitally splays the book’s contents onto a virtual 3D environment which, through the use of gesture recognition infrared cameras, becomes an NUI or “Natural User Interface” image viewer. It Allows the user to manipulate the image plane with a variety of familiar hand gestures and even display information about each image.

Application designed by “Murph” @ SCN9A, Berlin


All elements of this application (audio, openGL and gesture recognition) are designed within the MAX framework. A.K.A... a big-ass Max patch.

Employs the jit.openNI object by Dale Phurrough.

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