SMD (Koichi Samuels and Romain Dumaine), performing their composition for improvised performance ‘Orchard’, using their bespoke MAX/MSP, Kinect and TouchOSC system.
‘Orchard’ explores the relationship between the performer’s physical gestures in space and sound diffusion in a 32.2 channel ambisonic environment.
Through the embodied nature of the interaction between system and performer, the performer is able to grasp sonic material, shape, manipulate and move sound around the ambisonic sphere, through the physicality of the body.

Max was used in different ways, check the diagram on the pictures section to see the overview.

Max was used as a core of this performance, treating OSC messages from a Kinect, an interface made of TouchOSC on iPad, creating pwd signals to control an haptic feedback glove. The audio core was composed of 4 different banks of sounds control by the TouchOSC interface and spatialised with the help of the Kinect

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