Pathline #1

Pathline #1 is a Visual Music project based on digital noises, soundscape improvisations and generative graphics. The audience’s expectations are mislead by the structure of layered sounds which suddenly move from heavy textural and gestural moments to total silence. The audio part is connected to a visual reactive environment provided with its own behaviour, morphing from smooth and structured configurations to flickering skeletal and chaotic forms. Pathline #1 is about the “aestethic of discontinuity” and investigates the rules beneath the human perception creating an unpredictable evolving aural and visual environment, reminding to complex architectural sketches deformed by a mixture of digital and concrete sounds melted togheter in an extemporary visual music work. Pathline #1 in presented as 2 or 4.1 channels, single, double or triple screen projections.


Both audio and visual are generated by max patches using basically generative graphics and granular synthesis.

Honegumi [Audio]

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