Photic is a collection of new generative ambient pieces by Gregory Reeves aka Cordovan. Source material for the pieces came from field recordings on Los Angeles freeways(“Vega”), various urban and outdoor environments(“Dark Field”), the occasional softsynth(“Dream of a Yellow Ball”), and a Roland SH101(“Haiku in C” and “Flyover”). The track “Dark Field” was composed for Expanded Architecture’s DUOscope video installation at the Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia in Nov. 2010.

Many of the raw source sounds, in particular the field recordings, were modified using granular and convolution techniques in Max/MSP. After the samples were prepared, the majority of the pieces were performed using what is essentially a custom sample player patch, with tweakable randomization of playback of many samples simultaneously. The tracks that didn't use that performance patch instead utilized color tracking of video via Jitter to control performance of a synth.

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