Programming Max 5

The Programming Max 5 Interactive Course is an innovative way of learning Max 5 that can be used as a self-teaching set of quality tutorials or as teaching material for classes and computer labs.

UNIT 1 is available here
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• First interactive course on Max/MSP/Jitter programming built entirely in Max 5
• 100+ patchers per Unit covering Max’s theoretical framework and including practical examples, exercises, videos and more… to help you learn Max programming from scratch!
• Featuring an improved, fine-tuned and sharp-looking user interface that will guide you through the sections of the course
• With many functionalities to enhance your learning experience!
• 100% editable Max patchers – great for analyzing and experimenting (*)
• Runs on any computer that can run Max 5.1.7+
• Each order includes a subscription to free updates for 12 months
• A full set of teaching material for educators and Max labs
• A great self-standing reference guide
• OS X and Windows compatible
• Actively supported and developed

(*) Editing patchers requires Max 5.1.7+, Max Runtime will not let you edit any patchers.

All instances of the project where created with Max 5

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Apr 23 2012 | 2:19 am


the web site seems to be offline
is there anybody who can send me that patch?

thanks a lot

Apr 23 2012 | 2:42 am

Hi there,

We are about to launch a new website in a few days. Then PM5 will be available again!
Thanks for your patience,

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