• 4 Samplers with Integrated Sequencers
  • Granular Time Stretch(with added cosine trajectory option)
  • Sample-Slicing/Beat-Cutting
  • Variable-State Filters at Sampler output
  • Integrated Stereo Delay
  • VST AudioEffect PlugIn loading capability(with ability to edit, save, load, and monome-trigger programs)
  • Output PeakLimiter
  • Presets for each sampler, the delay, the peak limiter, and master presets which allow for instant global changes(including vst program changes)
  • MIDI-Beat Clock Output and Sync
  • Live-Input or Internal Audio Recording into Sample-Slicing Buffers
  • Ability to record output to soundfile

Max/MSP was used to create everything from the ground up. A playback driver external was coded for exact granular sync which allows soundfiles of varying tempos to be synced together at the same tempo without analysis as demonstrated in the video below.

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