Pulsaret {Microsound Prototypes Granular Synthesis: Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet}

Pulsaret v.1.0

Microsound Prototypes Granular Synthesis: Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet


Alessandro Petrolati


© 2010

Pulsaret is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous/synchronous prototypes granular synthesis. Pulsaret implements a wide range of time-domain varieties of granular synthesis: glisson, grainlet, trainlet pulsar etc… Sound disintegration, pulverizer, sampled envelope “convolution”, dynamic draw envelope/shape, interpolation-transitions and Hyper Vectorials pads they simplify the creation of incredible sound objects. All parameters are controllable via MIDI learning/rescale and OSC network. Matrix & LFO provide a powerfull way to connect one parameter with a dependent parameter/s, implementing all grainlets kind.

.eight granular sreams simultaleously

.envelope/windowing menage up to 16 pre-generated shape (prototypes)

.envelope/windowing loading and menage up to 12 sound-files (aiff,wav,mp3)

.dynamic envelope buffer load/save, normalize, trim, resize length etc…

.main mixer 8 channels + 1 master, solo/mute and VST slots, Master cascade~ filter

.multichannels I/O mapping

.quick-record export master channel and/or multichannel file streams, progressive file autoname, select directory and re-sampling/quantize out file

.snapshots (presets) memory: up to 100 for each stream and 10 for the main mixer and global snapshots

.simultaleously (streams and main) transition (interpolation) between snapshots (in a given time)

.clients menage: include/esclude widgets from transitions

.four draw table for transitions curves

.micro-pad interpolating between four snapshots

.HV_pad (i.e. hyper vectorial pad), 9 snapshots pad (4 pad near), and auto-explorer (spiral, dunk, reflects) engine

.MIDI/OSC input mapping: learn/manual, rescale range and exponential curve

.MIDI/OSC output sync: enable/disable, continuously or mouse up send

.fully menaging the project (as a folder), save/save as and load

.drag and drop on  windowing wave-pads (audio files or folder) to fill menù soundfiles or project folder in main windows to load project

.stereo panning rotation: pan, jitter, lfo (shape/hz)

.panning time, note based sync.keyboard frequency select (streams)

.windowing sndfiles consolidate (copy buffers in the prj folder)

.every stream can deforming own windowing envelope (attack/decay)

.global presets, menage all Pulsaret widgets together

.snapshots list, consecutive rename

.global transport time

.snapshots sequencer rhythms improviser unit

.windowing deformation shape MIDI/OSC

.clue windows, report widgets information under the mouse

.matrix parameter linkage, rescale and LFO modulation range in Grainlet Synthesis

.pulsaret length/cps and viceversa dependency

.cascaded series of biquad filters for each stream

.simply signal-oscilloscope, that allows you to monitor the visual progression of master waveform

Platform Requirements:

Mac OS X (10.4 or higher; G5 or Intel faster recommended);

Windows XP/Vista/7;

QuickTime to enable mpeg support.


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