RAINFOREST is a MSP-based program utilizing very sophisticated audio processing (pitch shifting, delay, sampling). It is used in our audience-interactive installation of the same name.  With a darkened room energized by multiple screen images of rainforests we have explored and videotaped (Borneo, Amazon, Australia, New Zealand, Everglades, Puerto Rico, Belize, etc.), the visitor enters and encounters five creative stations, four of which are controlled via the MAX/MSP program.  With 2 mics and an amplified bicycle wheel (bowed spokes and haunting gong-like mallet sounds), their sounds are processed with two MSP areas.  Another creative station utilizes samples of Rainforest animal sounds we have recorded. This project description is not centered around figuring out how I did it  (as in my MAX/MSP projects 158 and 172), but rather in enticing venues to consider presenting their own RAINFOREST experience with us.  To that end, before going to the YouTube video demo, please visit our McLean Mix web site and click on the RAINFOREST section, at:


The delay section includes very elaborate and sophisticated techniques such as multiple delays whose delay times are constantly changing in a controlled random fashion, all without the zipper noise, and pitch shifting that creates its own counter melodic material, uses several pitch shifting techniques with the Tap-Shift object, and also has the delays at the end of the chain. The samples are controlled via MIDI keyboard, with three separate sounds spread over the keyboard, and c. 40 sets of these sounds available.

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