Rat King (Performance #1)

Rat King is a 3 part project, by Alex Nathanson, which includes a performance, video and sound installation, and single channel video.  The performance component is a collaboration with composer and violinist Dylan Neely.


The project explores the paranoia that comes with sharing your living space with mice or rats.  Even the smallest rustle causes your mind to jump to the conclusion that some creature is behind the cabinet or under the bed, regardless of whether or not it may actually be present. Your mind will imagine sounds and you may think you see something move out of the corner of your eye.  Rat kings are creatures that exist in the grey area between myth and natural phenomenon.  They are created when the tails of a pile of rats become intertwined and the mass is forced to move as one, eventually growing together to the point where they begin thinking and acting as one.

The entire program was created in Max/MSP/Jitter. Live violin and percussion is brought into Max for processing before being output. Live audio is also used to control the 4 video channels, which are processed and composited together, in Max as well.

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