The Rad Envelope Follower

REF is a Max For Live envelope follower with advanced features. It allows you to modulate anything you want in Ableton Live: other devices, the user interface, and third party plug-ins, using sound as source.

You can shape the incoming audio source with the low/high pass filter, listening the source in peak or rms modes, then design the envelope exactly how you need it, using tools as relative/absolute modes, linear/logarithmic modulation, and positive/negative directions. You can even work on your envelopes with standard EG parameters as attack, hold, release, and a global delay time.

REF uses a big display to give you an accurate visual feedback: it will help you to check the incoming audio signal, set the threshold level, and view the real envelope generated, which will control the chosen target parameter.

REF is a great tool for any kind of modulation: kick/bass side-chain combinations, driving filters, and experimental uses asking for controlling parameters from an audio source.

Developed on the Max 6 engine, taking advantage of gen~, REF supports both 32 and 64-bit mode.

No external objects are used in REF.


  • Filter your source – use lo/hi-pass filter to listen to the signal frequencies you need.
  • Envelope Design Tools – peak or rms following mode. Create linear or logarithmic envelopes, with relative or absolute ranges.
  • Threshold – filter signal amplitude to create only the envelopes you need.
  • Envelope Time Functions – Delay/Attack/Hold/Release will help you to create amazing control signals.
  • Gen~ Powered – the best performance possible.
  • Select your target – modulate any parameter in your Live set with just a click.

REF is FREE until May 31st, then €3.99.

Get REF here

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