Reflection is a performance-installation hybrid work, created entirely with Max.

Audience members enter a room, sit, stare, converse, sleep, stretch, laugh, fart, whatever they feel, in the presence of a digital puppet. This puppet is embodied with traits of sage, therapist, priestess, and prankster, and will listen and watch to whatever the audience member is compelled to share. The puppet is represented visually as a golden 3D humanoid figure, evoking a digital buddha. Movements are captured in advance using a depth camera, and controlled in realtime by the operator. A performer provides its voice, which is pitched low, with slight robotic and reverb effects applied. Once in the presence of this peaceful, enlightened being, audience members can’t help but to experience that rare feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The being invites them to share their thoughts, or to sit quietly in meditation.

Max was used in every aspect of this project, from capturing sequences of depth-images into a database, to live vocal effects and live control of sequence data, to transforming depth data into a 3D character, to capturing and collaging audience interactions.

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