rnd manager / an alternative score display utility

rndmanager is the name for an external written in C for MAX/MSP 5.

The idea is to allow for a different style of music notation system, which can be altered in real time according to 6 parameters :
– freq ( = rhythmic density ) mean value / heterogeneity
– amplitude mean value / heterogeneity
– on-ratio ( = length of an event ) mean value / heterogeneity

What you can find in the provided link :
– an example app for practising with the system (compatible osx/intel only)
– an example patch
– the external itself ( OSX / MAX5 / Intel )

This system has been used several times in concerts involving musicians from various backgrounds, the project was called Comma (http://www.comma.fr)

The main application was made with Max/MSP/Jitter, and involved the creation of an external.

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