Rock Vibe

Rock Vibe is a Rock Band-like game for blind and sighted gamers. Instead of providing cues on a screen, it uses vibrations to tell a player what button(s) to hit and when. It is one of the first games of its kind to be made available to blind gamers and hopes to intrigue sighted and blind gamers equally, so they’ll finally have a computer game that they can jam with together!

The project is currently on Kickstarter and needs mass support to be completed. If you can spread the word or donate, it’s greatly appreciated. People who donate can receive rewards, including the game, a cool app to help you track your day, instructions on how to build the game yourself, and much more!!

How did this project use Max?

Everything, except the microcontroller code, is programmed in Max. Max loads all of the levels, handles the music, and sends the signals to the vibrating motors in Rock Vibe's electronic wearable. It also handles scoring and all forms of interactivity.

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