rock*picSynth: turn photos to sound

rock*picSynth is a Max for Live device that lets you build synths out of images. It’s free to download and use all you like.

There’s a video demo of how to use it here.

Here how it works: each pixel that makes up the image is broken apart into its component red, green, and blue values. The intensity of the colors are directly read as amplitude values.

The resulting audio morphs as the synth reads through the image, creating a dynamic sound that can be used for leads, pads, bass, and when played at a very low frequency, complex textures.

The synth is polyphonic, and has a standard ADSR envelope for shaping the sound.

Bonus feature: watch what happens when you load animated gifs and movie files in… (that part is for Mac users only right now)

rock*picSynth was made entirely in Max for Live.

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