Ruins A/V is a Live audio-visual Work designed around Ruins a new sound work by Franz Rosati out on Nephogram Editions. It is centered on che concept of “ruin” intended as what remains of a collapsed structure, in social, physical and psychic meaning. What we define a “ruin”, and not a mere debris *, is not a collection of wasted parts of an original object, but something withstanding a transfiguration process over the time, in which only the strongest parts, the basis, endure and reconfigure themself.

The visuals part depict a visual structures generated by “modified” mathematical formulas with the aim to create an audioreactive structure defined by a corrputed symmetry, rifts, incomplete paths, broken vanishing points, like the one you see in the old debris and makes you perceive there was a precise structure.  Everything around “Ruins” projects, from the artwork to the interactive system used for the installation, is based on custom made software developed by the artist itself.

* Marc Augè, “Le Temps En Ruines”, 2003.

“In Rosati’s hands, noise gains the ability to not only represent ruins, but to do the work that modern ruins do in contemporary culture: to return repressed social trauma to the surface. In this sense, his ruins present what theorist Walter Benjamin once named “dialectics at a standstill” — in other words, they are photographic.” Nathan Thomas – Fluid-Radio (

“Terrible mais succinct, cet album apparaît au terme de l’écoute comme une déflagration salvatrice, un pavé dans la marre toujours trop lisse des ambitieux projets électro-acoustiques qui pullulent ces temps-ci. On se réservera ce projet pour des moments privilégiés, lorsque, épuisé du conformisme ambient, l’on aura besoin d’un réveil brusque en forme d’explosion raffinée.” La Chroniquotheque


► Ruins is available as CD and Digital Download on Nephogram Editions official store / Bandcamp
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Ruins is a project released as CD and presented live as A/V Live set, Interactive Installation and large scale prints.
It is based on two software: Honegumi for sound and VF for visuals

• Artwork is generated via VF, exported as high quality 300dpi images as the large prints.
• Ruins A/V Live set is based on Honegumi and VF
• CD is composed with minimal editing process over original material recorded with Honegumi

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