Scratchy – Noise & Rhythm Generator

Scratchy is a standalone instrument for Mac and PC that produces noise.  This noise can be manipulated by a tempo-synced gating effect (at various degrees of note length, sync-able to a MIDI Clock), by a filter cutoff control to adjust the pitch and by various other effects. The result is something akin to scratching on a turntable / mixer.  Swing, reverb and delay (which can also tempo-synced to a MIDI Clock) can also be added.

It can be controlled by keyboard / mouse or by MIDI controller (recommended).  Layouts for TouchOSC for iPad / iPhone and Lemur for iPad are provided with the download.

Check the link for more info and free download.

I’ve only been using Max for a few months and this is my second project so any advice on how it can be improved would be greatly appreciated.


This project has been written entirely in Max 6. The GUI skin was made in Skinman and the dials / sliders were made in Knobman.

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Jan 06 2012 | 6:17 am

Coolest thing since……I dunno……All I can say is …I LIKE IT…I WANT ONE!!!!

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