Sequencomat (V1-V3) is a series of stepsequencers I made in Max for the Lemur.

I started in 2009 to create stepsequencer. First for the Jazzmutant Lemur, but now they also work with Liines Lemur App for iPad.
Between max and the Lemur control surface is a bidirectional OSC communication. All processing and Midi sending is done in max.

Sequencomat is based on classical stepsequencers with 8 track and 16 steps. As it is an ongoing development process, most features differ with the version: So while in V1 Midichannel, play direction, grid and steprange were global values (only changeable for all 8 tracks) in V3 these are trackvalues, independet for each track and saved within patterns. This allows e.g. polyrhytmic patterns and instrument jumping. And while V1 had only trackvalues for pitch, velocity and length in V3 these are stepvalues and also step propability, delay (to create a groove) and a ControlChange stepvalue was added. On full version you also got random switches for each stepvalue – making that special value variate within range.
One feature I like very much is a range object for the output of the stepvalues. So if you want to control e.g. veloctiy from 35-87 instead of 0-127 you can shrink the range and the faders will only output 35-87 (you still got the whole fader room, but the output is limited). In combination with that random switches in V3.3 you have something like “controlled random” (controlled in position and amount) which gives life to electronic music. But also you can create very detailed and concrete patterns.

Sequencomat V3 manual (incl. many screenshots)
Sequencomat V3_lite in the Liine User area
Sequencomat V3_lite in the Jazzmutant User area

Sequencomat V2 manual (last edit mid 2010)

Sequencomat V1 in the Jazzmutant User Area
(last edit early 2010)

The tutorial which once get me into max, and on which Sequencomat was based – specially in V1 – are here:


max does everything in this sequencer - the lemur surface is just a controller! (in early versions some variables are also calculated on the lemur, but with the year I ported even these to max..) The patch (5.8 MB in full version 3.3) deals with all note and trigger entries on the lemur and also manages the feedback when pattern jumping.
I learned a lot during the last years, inspired and supported by the community and also with some hard trial and error nights ;) My patches are open, so feel free to edit and expand.

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