Shaper is a Max For Live audio effect for audio destruction.

Using on first two different algorithms for wave-shaping, audio signals can then be processed with a really intuitive glitch-gate. Last but not least, signals can then be resonated with a short delay, that can acts as a comb filter too.

We decided to insert two monitor, displaying audio signals before and after audio processing: this gives you a realtime visual feedback about how you are morphing you sound wave.

Shaper is perfect for percussive sound and signals with an high dynamic range.

Developed on the Max 6 engine, taking advantage of gen~, Shaper supports both 32 and 64-bit mode.

No external objects are used in Shaper.


  • Simple Wave Shaping: two algorithms to strip the flesh off your sound.
  • Glitch Gate: dry your signal with digital hard clip! Yeah, digital clip, why not?
  • Resonate It! Add short feedbacks and resonate your signal.
  • Gen~ Power! Less CPU, better performance.

Shaper is FREE until March 31th, then €3.99

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How did this project use Max?

All done using Max For Live

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